[ Ressources & Dimensions ]

All our field surveys are carried out in-house: quali, quanti, CATI, …

  • Specialists in
  • Shoppers shopper
  • Interviewers Interviewers
  • Cati Operators cati Operators
  • middle east africa and maghreb Triple cultural background
  • A skilled and experienced team of 80 specialists in research. This team include senior consultants, project managers, researchers, field supervisors, planning managers, trainers, analysts and programmers, …

  • More than 12.000 shoppers - all profiles combined - trained to conduct all kind of mystery shopping scenario. Among them, 1000 high profile shoppers lA++) recruited for mystery shopping in luxury market.

  • Some twenty experienced moderators able to intervene in several languages.

  • Wide and qualified Interviewers database: close to 7.000 interviewers on all our venues. They are trained and regularly appraised.

  • A team of translators involved in adapting materials and deliverables in Arabic, French, English and Spanish.

  • 2 CATI telephone platform workstations with 50 positions.

  • Facilities for focus groups: ten equipped rooms, one-way Mirror, audio/video recording and viewing rooms.

    • focus group room
    • focus group viewing